William Shatner Trolls Star Wars Fans


It’s an age-old rivalry: Star Wars versus Star Trek. The passion felt on either side of the equation runs deep from both fanbases, where Star Warriors face off against Trekkies for supremacy in the science fiction genre. Recently, Star Wars has had some mighty success, mainly due to the fact that Disney acquired Lucasfilm and has pumped life into the franchise that is about to see the beginning of a new trilogy on December 18, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ironically, the man who is charged with bringing this Star Wars film to the big screen — J.J. Abrams — is also the man who is credited for breathing new life into the Star Trek franchise.

One man who can’t stand to see the two franchises stand peaceably side by side, is legendary actor William Shatner, who you probably know famously portrayed Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek television series, and then in several feature films. The Shat (as I have dubbed him…because LOL) has taken to Twitter to troll fans of Star Wars, specifically using the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster as ammo for his campaign of madness.

Beginning with Poe Dameron’s flight suit, comparing it to the BBC’s  Space: 1999.

Then it continued with Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma.

As you can see, the Shat considers himself quite the comedian. It rounded it off with this tweet:

Okay Shat, maybe the guy who sang this, shouldn’t be throwing stones at glass houses.

H/T – CinemaBlend 

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