FOX News Bashes Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Sometimes I think FOX News gets a kick out of being the Evil Empire. These are the same people who go after harmless kid’s show like Spongebob Squarepants and Sesame Street. I don’t understand it sometimes. It’s like they want to be characterized as some sort of cartoony villain in a Marvel movie. or…a Star Wars one.

Check out this clip from Neil Cavuto, where the hosts and his guests sneer at how overrated Star Wars is as a franchise, and whine that there were be people who spoil it after opening weekend.


I don’t know what’s more grating–that Cavuto doesn’t allow the the guy defending the show to finish a sentence, or Carley Shimkus, the interchangable blonde flapping head (FOX news has a whole stable), who seems insulted that some guy on twitter suggested that Star Wars was going to be better than his current dating experience. (Also, notice that she gets her name chyroned on the bottom on the screen. He doesn’t.) At least Cavuto admits this is somewhat sour grapes. Remember, 20th Century FOX were the ones who released the first six movies. Now Disney’s cut them out of the profits completely.

Perhaps they think they can get away with this because Jon Stewart isn’t on TV to make fun of them four night a week anymore? Don’t worry, he left plenty of screen grabs for the occasion.

I suppose the network bashing the new Star Wars movie isn’t all that surprising. Conservatives of all stripes seem to–for whatever reason–enjoy defending the side of evil. The Always Fantastically Wrong Bill Kristol, for instance, spent the day after the final trailer came out defending the Empire on twitter as having merely gotten bad press. (Surviving Alderaanians would beg to differ.)

Meanwhile, the only serious frontrunner candidate on the conservative side is a Vader sympathizer.

One may not like Ted Cruz’ politics, but at least on this topic, he understands that siding with evil is really not the way to voter’s hearts.

(For those unaware, Sonny Bunch recently wrote a defense of the Alderaanian genocide in The Washington Post‘s Act Four column. It’s a different sort of terribad than The Case for Empire, the seminal, decade old piece in which The Weekly Standard and conservative side embraced Vader’s vision for Galactic domination.)

Though perhaps this might explain FOX News and the Conservative movement’s Anti-Star Wars and Anti-Jedi stance.

Hey, at least we know where Finn will find Luke’s missing blue lightsaber. It’s at the White house. Though from that body posture it looks like Obama abandoned his Yoda training long before he was finished to run for the Galactic Senate and then the presidency.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18th, and all the right thinking people who love the movie will be there to see it.