Get a Spoilery Glimpse of Andy Serkis’ Supreme Leader Snoke


JJ Abrams is doing his best to keep the things under wraps that he can for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He can’t hide things like Rey looking like someone who could easily have been the daughter of Princess Leia and the granddaughter of Padme. He can’t hide what Adam Driver looks like when he takes the Kylo Ren mask off. He can’t hide how Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford have aged.

But one thing he can hide is what the CGI motion capture characters in the movie look like. After all, other than images of Lupita Nyang’o and Andy Serkis with dots on their faces, we have zero idea who their characters are (other than brief descriptions.) Unless they’re put in the trailers (so far, nada), we have no idea what to even look for.

That changed today, when the early designs of Andy Serkis’ character Supreme Leader Snoke leaked to IndieRevolver. So who, or rather what, is Andy Serkis playing now? Well…

IndieRevolver hedges:

I hesitated in releasing this image, since I’m told that there are wildly different designs out there for this character.  So this image may not even be close to what the final version of the character will look like. But if you’re like me, you enjoy seeing the evolution of these characters and since so little is known about Snoke, it’s a fun piece to speculate about.

Snake people? Hmmm. Not that it wouldn’t be wildly interesting–one of my favorite things about Star Wars is that they work hard to make their aliens races very non-humanoid. But I can already hear the “replace them with hipsters” jokes now.

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Do we think Serkis is playing a Snake person? And if so, what is Nyong’o playing?