Sunday Cute: May the Fluff Be With You… on the Dark Side


No one is immune from the clutches of the First Order, and the Dark Side of the Force. Not the Resistance. Not Rey hidden away on Jakku. Not Finn, despite his attempts to escape the Storm Trooper Life. Not even…this adorable puppy.

Next time your beloved mutt chews up your slippers, or accidentally pees on your favorite rug, ask yourself: is it really the harmless behaviors of your beloved and fluffy friend? Or has your puppy turned…to the power of the Dark Side?

But if you think your beloved pup trotting along in Darth Vader’s footsteps is bad enough, what if you woke up one day…and discovered your own baby had joined with him? Over at, Jonathan Liu discovered just that.

When [Darth Vader] first appeared on the screen, she started mimicking the sound of his breathing. When the Imperial March started playing, she stood up and danced! Lately she keeps asking us to sing the “Star Wars song”–sometimes she means the theme song, but quite often what she really wants to hear is Darth Vader’s theme instead.
She’s latched onto my copy of Tom Angleberger’s Beware the Power of the Dark Side!, the middle-grade novel based on Return of the Jedi, even though it’s mostly text with just a few illustrations scattered throughout. (Note: it’s the one with Darth Vader on the cover.) I keep finding it at the dining table, where she’s pulled it off the bookshelf to peruse.

And then he woke up and heard this:

It’s signs like these we must watch for in our children, when trying to work against the First Order taking over the galaxy. Clearly, we need to keep her as far from Kylo Ren as possible.

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