GIFs from the latest The Force Awakens TV Spot


What’s better than screen shots from the brand new Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot? Gifs!

First though, if you missed the TV spot (which aired on Cartoon Network over the weekend) here it is again.

Let us Gif.

Starting with this all important shot of Rey coming out of the woods to find what we believe to be Maz Kanata’s castle under attack. We’ve seen very little of Maz Kanata so far, and this first glimpse of what we think is her home base being fired upon is an interesting development. I’m reminded of Jen in The Dark Crystal looking up and seeing Augra’s lab being destroyed.

So we’ve seen a *lot* of explosions on Jakku so far, including all the ones leading up to and post this one. But we’ve never seen what actually explodes. Turns out it’s Rey’s ship. (It has to be Rey’s ship, right? That’s not anything Finn would have stolen.)

“Get ready!”
“For what?”
“For a scene that echos the Millennium Falcon shoot out with the Empire from the original trilogy!” Duh.

I could watch Rey shoot her blaster at Kylo Ren all day.

Hey, Kylo! There’s a guy at the beginning of Indiana Jones who would really like to take lessons on how to do this.

STAR WARS: THE FLAME THROWER. (The kids love this one.)

Whatever the heck just happened, BB-8 has not intention of getting anywhere near it. This is how the Droids you’re looking for survive.

And finally, the addition of seeing a tie-fighter go down hard after an X-wing shoots it out of the sky. Who is piloting that X-wing anyway? Do we think it’s Poe? Or just a random person?

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in theaters December 18th, 2015. That’s only 32 days away!