Her Universe, Hot Topic Announce Star Wars Holiday Fashion Collection


Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein loves Star Wars. You can see her tell you that herself in the video below. But the important thing is that she seems to draw sincere inspiration from our favorite sci-fi saga, which makes it only fitting that Her Universe and Hot Topic are teaming up for a brand new Star Wars Holiday Fashion Collection.

The collection includes dresses, sweaters, jackets and fashion tops, all of which are available only at select Hot Topic stores and at HotTopic.com. The other part of the promotion involves sharing your own personal story about what Star Wars means to you by uploading a video and using the hashtag #MyStarWarsStory.

Sadly, I don’t think that makes the cool stuff from the collection any cheaper for you female fans out there. Above, you can see the Pleather Darth Vader Jacket, which retails for $69.50. Sticking with Vader, here’s a look at the Darth Vader Cape Dress, which you can grab for $64.50.

If you’d prefer something a little lighter in color, there’s a BB-8 Bomber Jacket, which you can only find online for $59.50.

And lest you think bounty hunters are going to be left out, there’s a Boba Fett Girls Bomber jacket that goes for a suggested retail price of $59.50.

While you ponder which of these items you’d like to add to your Christmas list this year, here’s that video we promised with Eckstein explaining what Star Wars means to her.

You can shop the Star Wars Holiday Fashion Collection online right now. As I type this, everything is 25 perent off, and while that’s for a limited time only, you can bet that there will be more sales as we get closer to the holidays.

I expect to see some of you at the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens rocking some of this apparel.