New “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Trailer Is Finn-centric!


Just as you thought the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens had finally run out of new images to play with, along comes a 30 second spot, which the official Star Wars Facebook page dropped about twelve hours ago, with almost completely new footage.

And better yet, it’s a commercial focused on one of our brand new heroes.

“You don’t know a thing about me,” announced Finn at the top of the spot. (Well, that’s true. We don’t even know your last name, sir.) Let’s see what we do know by the end of this trailer.

Are we ready for this? Well, I’m glad to hear that Finn (unlike Luke) is far more honest about his readiness levels.  But I think he might be slightly more ready than he realizes. Let’s go to the breakdown.

I want to note something about these opening shots, even though we’ve seen the two that abut Finn’s opening remarks.

Note the way the Stromtrooper turns, as if startled out of purpose above just before we cut to Finn’s face.

And then we cut back to the Star Wars: The Flamethrower commercial. Could it be that this scene with Captain Phasma–which I had assumed so far to be them hunting for Finn–is actually pre-Finn’s cracking and leaving the First Order? Does something happen here that makes him “wake up?” What did he seen that made him think that they *all* need to run? What are they running from?

Another shot of what we believe to be Maz Kanata’s castle, under attack from the First Order.

But this time it looks to be seen from Finn’s perspective. (Also, what is that yellow rustbucket of a transport he’s exiting?) Note that we get more of the “Hope is not lost” speech, which now ends with: “We must face them. Fight them.”

Kylo Ren is definitely on hand for this raid.

But it’s a former fellow stormtrooper who Finn will fight in this lightsaber battle.

What’s a stormtrooper doing with that kind of weapon anyway? Shouldn’t he have a blaster? Is this going to be explained for us?

“Sure you’re up for this?”

“Oh, hell no.” Somehow I feel like this exchange is indicative of the sort of the language change from the original movies and the prequels (which were written by Lucas). One simply cannot imagine Luke saying, “Oh, hell no.”

I need a gif of BB-8 rolling around, without gravity. STAT.

But though Finn is more honest about his readiness than Luke was, note that he’s just a good shot taking out the empire’s fighters from the Millennium Falcon’s gun positions. Great, kid. Now don’t get cocky.

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(Also, is it too much to hope it will be followed by a Rey-centric trailer to match?)