A GIF Breakdown of the New The Force Awakens Trailer: Finn


A GIF Breakdown of the brand-new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer featuring Finn portrayed by John Boyega.

We are now under a month away from the worldwide theatrical debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and surprisingly, new footage via television spots, keep on coming. The latest look at The Force Awakens that Disney has gifted us with, is centered around John Boyega’s Finn. Here’s a refresher:

This is one of the more exciting TV spots we’ve seen, if only for the fact that Finn uses that lightsaber to clash with a First Order stormtrooper who seems to be carrying some sort of electrostaff. Anyway, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, and breakdown that trailer, using the magic of GIF.

First up, we’ve got a First Order stormtrooper looking anxious and upset…I think this is Finn before he removes the helmet.

That thought is backed-up a bit, by having Finn in the next scene.

We’ve seen this shot before, a First Order Flametrooper lighting a village on fire. Obviously Finn is not pleased by the wanton violence and destruction taking place here.

Here we have Finn removing the helmet of his First Order trooper uniform. Notice the bloody handprint.

Here we have Finn and Rey (holding hands) and BB-8 exciting a tent on Jakku, fleeing an attack of First Order TIE Fighters. I love how BB-8 looks up to the sky, as well.

Maz Kanata portrayed by Lupita Nyong’o is having her castle destroyed by the First Order, and we are seeing Finn’s reaction to the destruction. Notice to the left of the castle, the bent wing of Kylo Ren’s command shuttle can be seen coming into view.

Here’s a neat view of Kylo Ren, looking at something in the distance. Perhaps he’s watching the Millennium Falcon take off and escape his evil clutches.

Finn and Han Solo. I feel like these two are going to be spending lots of time together.

And here is BB-8 in all his hilariously cute glory, spinning around and around…you’re welcome, Ani.

Here’s my favorite scene from the newest TV spot. Finn with Luke’s lost lightsaber, facing off against a First Order trooper with an electrostaff of some sort.

Finally, we’ve got Finn in the rotating gun turret of the Millennium Falcon, obviously very excited about blowing something to smithereens.

I fully expect Disney/Lucasfilm to release more character specific TV spots, the closer we get to the worldwide theatrical release of The Force Awakens…at least I sincerely hope we get some more.

Remember, The Force Awakens premieres in theaters in less than a month, on December 17 and 18.