Star Wars at Disneyland: Is Season of the Force Worth It?

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Star Tours

It should be damn near impossible to improve on Star Tours. For those unfamiliar with the ride, it takes you on a virtual tour of the most famous Star Wars locations, from the podraces of Tatooine to the speeder bike chase on Endor. Besides the attention to detail and the incredible production values, the ride also has a unique hook: It mixes and matches the various sequences fans can go on, so almost no ride is ever exactly the same.

The setup of the ride makes it perfectly suitable for some seamless additions, such as a brand-new sequence from The Force Awakens. In this adventure, which I’m almost certain is guaranteed to be programmed into every ride combination, passengers follow the Millennium Falcon as it flies through the wreckage of a ship on the desert planet of Jakku and is chased by TIE Fighters.

That attention to detail is at play again, as John Boyega himself lends his voice skills to the sequence as Finn, the new pilot of the Millennium Falcon. (This would seem to confirm a key plot point of the upcoming movie.)

From what I hear, there are other little tweaks and additions to the existing sequences in the ride, such as Boba Fett making an appearance in the introductory cinematic. If you’re crazy enough to try and ride every single possible combination, I’m sure there are plenty of new Easter eggs for riders to try and discover.

This is the best of the new Star Wars additions to the parks, and although it’s not quite enough to justify visiting Disneyland on its own, it’s well worth the wait in line.

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