20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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With the anticipation rising for a return to the Star Wars universe, fans all over the world are eager to revisit the galaxy they’ve loved for 38 years. The six previous film took the world by storm through engaging stories and characters (Episode I and II notwithstanding) and incredible effects and action. It is one of the most influential and exciting series of all time.

Today, we’re not discussing any of that. Instead, we’re going to ruin all your fun by pointing out the 20 biggest plot holes in the Star Wars movies. After all, a rising number of websites, YouTube channels and other forms of online media have dedicated themselves to trying to ruin a galaxy far, far away and they’re not all wrong. 

So that’s what we’re doing here. In the making of any movie, especially any thirty year, six film series, there are slip ups. Some of them are more excusable than others. By the way, yes, the prequels did kind of come in and muck some things up for the originals.

Please don’t be that person who is like “Well actually…” and link an obscure page on the Star Wars wiki. The expanded universe has answered some of these and many other things. I’m just taking the films at face value.

Some of these may be nitpicks and aren’t essential to the entire plot. The reality is that if Star Wars had 20 flaws that destroyed the whole universe, it wouldn’t be remembered the way that it is or even still exist. That doesn’t change the fact that something we’ve loved so much for so long is actually pretty flawed when you slow things down and take a deeper look. 

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