20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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11. Why Aren’t Droidekas Everywhere

Why did the Separatists ever use anything besides Droidekas?

Two of them are enough to match two Jedi, and they have shields and cannons that can annihilate clone troopers. Instead of just using twenty of these, the Separatists decide to send out hundreds of useless droids who can’t kill anything.

Yes, they’re probably more expensive, but if they stop making the millions of useless robots, they might have some money. It’s like if you spent all your money buying fake World of Warcraft currency and then wondered why you couldn’t buy a Ferrari. Maybe just trim the fat a little.

Even the upgraded Super Battle Droids throw Mace Windu off for about five seconds and then are pretty pathetic. It’s really hard to have a lot of tension when the hero’s opponents are completely useless.

This complaint can also be made about the stormtroopers, who couldn’t hit the sky if they were trying to shoot it. At least the Empire didn’t have a blatantly obvious better option.

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