20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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8. Anakin Building C-3PO

This is stupid.

It makes no sense that Anakin as a boy would build a mass-produced droid that does nothing his family needs.Threepio can’t really use his arms and it does not seem like Anakin’s mother needs a translator.  It doesn’t even matter that Vader didn’t recognize him in the originals. It’s just pointless and does not add anything to the narrative.

The answer to this is simple: Just say Threepio belonged to the Naboo like R2-D2. He is the interpreter for the queen in case she has to interact with other species.

There. Solved. No pointless character connection that has no reason to exist.

It also gives us a better reason as to why they have to erase his memory at the end of Revenge of the Sith. This is supposed to erase questions about why Threepio didn’t tell Luke certain things he knew about his father or his mother — or anything that happened in the prequels that might have been nice for Luke to know. 

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