20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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6. The Jedi Ignoring Obvious “Anakin is evil” Signs

This comes up a few times in the prequels. As mentioned before, Anakin isn’t very subtle in being angsty, irritable, and emotionally troubled. In fact, they knew this to begin with.

Obi-Wan and the council all sense problems with Anakin in Episode I, yet still train him. This isn’t a normal person who has a strange gut feeling that they don’t listen to. These are freaking Jedi, a group whose foundations are based in premonition, sense, and feeling.  If you and a group of friends all unanimously agree that dating that person or taking that job is a bad idea, do you do it anyway?

Also, Yoda and the others fail to notice the signs that Anakin is frustrated and mistrusting of the Jedi. Remember that scene when he and Yoda talked in that dark room about his nightmares? Go back and look at his expression for five seconds. It doesn’t take use of the Force to realize that face is extremely worried, frustrated, and hiding secrets.

The Jedi have extraordinary powers that they don’t use or completely ignore. It seems like the only reason is because Anakin has to be reliant on only Palpatine so he can become Darth Vader. However, as with Palpatine, the Jedi have flashing warning signs.

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