20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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4. The Death Star has a video game weak spot

Sorry — we need to talk about this.

One might be inclined to let this massive plot hole slide, as it’s a practical thing for a practical purpose. The core of the Death Star produces a lot of power probably produces waste. Wouldn’t boarding up the reactor like everyone has suggested over the years be like clogging your chimney then lighting a massive fire in your fireplace?

The trench obviously only exists to create tension, but the existence of an exhaust port is excusable.

But the second time is less forgivable. It’s understandable that the Death Star is under construction and all, but are there really corridors that lead straight to the reactor core that are big enough to fit multiple ships? Now we’re starting to get a little dumb. I mean, we give lots of movies flak for recycling the same plot, yet a lot of people are just cool with this.

When you throw such a powerful plot point like another planet-destroying machine into a movie, maybe find a better way for the heroes to beat it. The originals are all very good films, but this is one moment where they really screwed up.

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