20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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1. The Guy Who Sucks at His Job

This is a plot point that really only matters in retrospect. Once you look back on the original films, you realize that one guy who didn’t give a crap is the reason everything happens.

At the beginning of A New Hope, why does the imperial officer not shoot the pod with no life forms?

People try to defend this as a human error thing from a guy who just made a mistake at his job. Here’s my argument: In a reality where droids (aka non-life forms) seem to be so integral to the everyday happenings in the galaxy, why does no one ever think that droids may be in the pod?

Even Darth Vader doesn’t consider this. He thinks Leia just hid the plans in the pod. And if that’s the case, why not just destroy the pod anyways, thus destroying the plans? Are we to think that there’s no copy machine anywhere in the galaxy that might have backed up the original Death Star plans? There was really only one hard copy of the plans to build a Death Star?


So yeah, this one guy just decided not to shoot the pod, and everything else happens because of it. It’s strange in the moment, but once you realize the weight of that decision, it gets to be pretty convenient. So convenient that it tops the list.