20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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19. Luke’s plan against Jabba

These movies have a problem of creating very complex situations and then ignoring the convenience of them working out in favor of a certain character. This is more true in the prequels (more on this later) but here in the original movies, a big example is how Luke beats Jabba.

Like, what if R2-D2 wasn’t in that one spot to give Luke his lightsaber at that one time? Also, Luke probably could have just taken out his lightsaber and owned everyone before he was even handcuffed. If you can kick everyone’s butt six ways to Sunday regardless, why wait until your friend is hanging over a pit of death?

Also, it took three years to develop this lucky plan. I know Luke was finishing his Jedi training, but with all that time, the best you could come up with is “Catch my hidden lightsaber and go into super mode”?

This is one of a handful of moments where cool action/scenery is put over sensible plot in the original movies. It’s like a flashing warning sign of what’s to come in the prequels. It certainly isn’t as laughable as some other horrible plans in these films, but still…  Luke’s first Jedi plan is really lucky.

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