20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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17. Zam Wessel, Galaxy’s Worst Assassin

I don’t really even know why Zam is a character that existed other than to buy Jango Fett some badass credit. She has the easiest possible way to kill Padmé and instead does something that makes no sense.

You know that little robot that inserted the bugs through her window? Why not attach a blaster to it and just shoot her? The Jedi sense the bugs, but Obi-Wan has to physically see the droid in the window to know it’s there. They couldn’t have stopped her. If they hear a shot, run in and Obi-Wan pursues the droid and everything happens the exact same way, at least she would have gotten the job done.

Also, later on, why does she decide to sneak up on Anakin in the nightclub when she’s trying to escape — and very clearly has?

Lastly, why is she a changeling and how does Anakin figure that out? She has the most powerful advantage a person can have when avoiding pursuit and doesn’t use it. This is kind of explained in an Attack of the Clones guidebook, but in the film, it is just thrown in there.

Anyway, this entire sequence seems like an excuse to have cool action without a very coherent plot. A lot of smaller points are cobbled together without sufficient thought. It also contains a couple of the most egregious breaks of the laws of nature in these movies.

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