20 Biggest Plot Holes in Star Wars History

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15. Sifo-Dyas Is The Most Important Character Never Ever Seen

A Jedi master named Sifo-Dyas secretly ordered the creation of a clone army without the permission of the Jedi council. Sounds like a mysterious plot point. What else do you know about him?

Not a damn thing.

His name is thrown out there and then left hanging. It didn’t help that he died ten years prior, essentially close to or during the events of Phantom. Honestly, it would make more sense if Qui-Gon had commissioned the clones.

Think about it. He sees the massive federation army and realizes the Republic doesn’t have the manpower to keep them under control. Because he loves to defy the council, he asks the cloners on Kamino to make an army of the Republic. Then he deletes the planet in the archives so he does not get caught. Seems easy enough right?

Instead they just throw out a name and say he’s a Jedi master. Mace and Yoda also don’t bother to do any examination of why he did this, so the audience knows nothing about a shady character whose actions are integral to the plot. He’s a critical component to the fall of the Republic and he’s grazed over in favor of more CGI action. 

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