New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Focuses on Snoke and Kylo Ren


Disney/Lucasfilm has released yet another television spot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens featuring more Supreme Leader Snoke narration as well as new Kylo Ren scenes.

Here we go again, another television spot for The Force Awakens has popped-up, and boy is it a doozy. This teaser spot features extended dialogue from Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis in a motion capture role), as well as more Kylo Ren scenes. Check it out.

Right from the jump we get Snoke’s voice-over from the very first teaser trailer released in 2014.

"Snoke: “There’s been an awakening, have you felt it” Kylo Ren: “Yes” Snoke:“Even you have never faced such a test. It is time”"

It appears as if Kylo may be watching the Starkiller base in action, from the command deck of his personal shuttle, as the enveloping red seen from his point of view, is also seen on the parade grounds for the First Order where the troops are forming up in front of Domhnall Gleeson’s General Hux. Let’s breakdown the new scenes with some GIF’s, shall we?

First we have the command deck of Kylo Ren’s shuttle and that ominous red tint.

A new shot of the First Order stormtroopers.

Here’s that red tint again. I’m convinced that it is the Starkiller base in action. This is from the point of view from the First Order base and parade grounds.


We’ve seen this scene before, but now we see Kylo Ren actually pushing Poe’s head back after using the Force on him.

Kylo Ren exiting his shuttle on what looks like Jakku.

The Knights of Ren.

Poe barking orders to his squadron.

This is one of my favorite new shots. A guided missile taking out an X-Wing from the view of the cockpit of an X-Wing. Well done, J.J. Abrams, well done.

We finally see what Han was shooting at. This seems to be the riot-control trooper with his electrostaff that was fighting Finn in the previous television spots. He looks to have possibly pinned Finn to the ground and is going in for the coup de grâce until Han saves the day.

Another fantastic X-Wing shot. Looks like J.J. is really focusing on some phenomenal aerial scenes in The Force Awakens…and I’m cool with that.

More Kylo Ren using that broadsword lightsaber, deflecting a laser blast from Rey.

Chewie doing Chewie things, growling at someone while owning the First Order, I’m sure.

Finn performing my new favorite mad reaction GIF.

More X-Wings…this is starting to become a thing.

First Order troopers getting destroyed in the hanger while Finn and Poe make good their escape.

Finally, we have seen this shot before, but it’s worth revisiting. Look at how Finn is nervously stutter-stepping into his defensive step. Kylo is clearly the better lightsaber dueler, and is about to overpower the former stormtrooper. I really think Finn loses an appendage in this fight.

That’s it for now, another day, another Star Wars: The Force Awakens television spot. I am seriously okay with Disney/Lucasfilm not showing another single new teaser, because at this point, I feel like there is just too much being shown. Ah well, December 17 and 18 cannot get here fast enough.