Amazon France Leaks Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack Weeks Ahead of Schedule


The soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has possibly been leaked by Amazon France, weeks ahead of schedule. Warning: Spoilers below.

We are just three paltry weeks away from the worldwide theatrical debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will hit the big-screen on December 17 and 18. As one might expect, the closer we get the the premiere of the film, the greater chance that major leaks will get out and spoil some of its major plot-points.

This is where Amazon’s supposed leak falls, as Amazon France seemed to have the entire The Force Awakens soundtrack listed on their site for roughly 24 hours before the actual track listing was removed from the pre-order page. However, as our very on Ani likes to say, this is the internet and it is forever, which means that you can remove something once posted to the web, but we got the screenshot before that happened. Here’s the list of songs listed on the soundtrack.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack will lighten your wallet to the tune of $78, and as you can see, the track listing reveals what could be some major spoilers for the film, which is why it isn’t set to be released until December 18, coinciding the premiere of Episode VII.

From looking at the list, my immediate observations and questions are:

  • What is a Rathtar?
  • Who gets abducted? We think it’s Rey, but it could be Poe or Finn.
  • Track 15 is listed as “Han and Leia” so do the star-crossed lovers have a theme now, and will they be together for more than a few minutes in the actual film?
  • The Resistance has it’s own march theme, and I wonder if John Williams will make it sound similar to the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme).
  • Track 17 is simply listed as “Snoke”. Is this when he finally makes his appearance?
  • The “Scherzo for X-Wings” looks to be fun.
  • Tracks 22 and 23 look to be Rey possibly leaving her new friends and going to look for Luke.
  • Does Track 23 mean that Luke will in fact not be in the film until the final act?

This looks extremely exciting and I am even more hyped to see this film than ever before. Of course, I will be purchasing this soundtrack on the 18th, and if any of the music from the various teasers and trailers are any indication, then the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack will be absolute dynamite. The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 17 and 18.