Complete your Christmas List with our Star Wars Holiday Gift Guide

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Stocking fillers:

If your galactic credits are a bit thin this Holiday season, or you just want to get a few mini gifts for friends and family, there’s a lot of smaller pieces available. Hallmark’s Star Wars Itty Bittys are the perfect fit for every stocking. There are also loads of items like socks, bottle openers and mugs, which are always staple gifts. Ahh, there something about having Vader’s face on them that makes them instantly appealing.  ThinkGeek has a cool range for under $10, go check it out for some inspiration.

We hope you get and give everything you want this Christmas/Holidays, and we sincerely hope you get to spend the holidays with those you love…or at least like. And, with these Star Wars gift ideas, you won’t have to stress about getting the perfect gift for that particular Star Wars fan, because we got you covered. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Dork Side of the Force!

Oh, and don’t forget that Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters worldwide on December 17 and 18…what a perfect way to celebrate the Holidays, this year!