Alamo Drafthouse to Open Star Wars Themed Movie Theater


Pack your bags for Omaha, Nebraska, as the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has opened a Star Wars themed movie theater, just in time for The Force Awakens!

Before today, the only real reason anyone would want to travel to Omaha, Nebraska, was to watch their favorite college team in the College Baseball World Series. Well, now there are two reasons. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has opened a Star Wars themed movie theater, and it’s ready just in time for the December 17 and 18 worldwide premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

A member of the Alamo Drafthouse team in Omaha, told EW this:

"“The idea behind the lobby is that we wanted to construct and install a lobby theme that would make us unique in our Omaha market as well as the midwest. We also wanted a theme that was built around an iconic film and to completely own that theme to immerse our guests in the experience. That is when Star Wars came into the picture and it just so happened that we timed it out just right with the announcement of the huge plans for a new Star Wars legacy starting this December. It is a permanent installation and will be thee destination to see all of the new Star Wars films.”"

The Star Wars themed theater features a gigantic Death Star hanging from the ceiling, as well as the entire theater being fashioned to look like the inside of the Empire’s most lethal spacestation. Here’s a photo of the concessions stand, where honestly I would probably just stand and stare at all the awesome decor.

I wonder if the staff of the theater will dress up like Imperial officers for the premiere of each new Star Wars film, as well as having iconic characters from the film like Darth Vader on hand? That would be amazing, and if the time and effort…and money that was surely spent on this project do pan-out numbers-wise, I could definitely see more of these Star Wars themed theaters showing up in other parts of the country. Let’s hope so, anyway.

With Alamo Drafthouse making this theater the go-to destination for the ultimate Star Wars experience for years to come — with the Anthology Films and sequels to The Force Awakens — I can honestly see Omaha, Nebraska, becoming a lot more popular in the near future. You can read EW‘s complete coverage of the theater and more photos by visiting the link provided.