We rank the 50 most memorable Star Wars deaths ever

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38. Biggs

When Did They Die: Episode IV: A New Hope

Who Were They: Going by the call sign Red Three, Biggs Darklighter flew with the Red Squadron on its attack of the first Death Star. He was also, by some improbable coincidence, a childhood friend of Luke’s.

How Did They Die: Taken out by Darth Vader as he tried to cover for Luke’s last ditch effort to make a run on the Death Star’s vulnerable exhaust port

On level, Biggs Darklighter is as ridiculous a name as Jek Porkins, so it’s fitting that the two of them would find themselves serving and dying together in the squadron of X-Wings that attacked the first Death Star.

What adds a bit of intrigue to Biggs’ death is the fact that he and Luke already knew each other apparently. They banter back in forth in the battle plan meeting before taking off from Yavin 4, recalling past adventures they had together on Tatooine. What are the chances that these two would end up in the same backwater moon together, preparing to go into battle against the greatest weapon the galaxy had ever seen?

It seems like the answer should be ‘effectively nil’, yet here we are. While their bond does culminate in Biggs sacrificing himself in order for Luke to press on with his trench run, they don’t even bother having a solemn-yet-friendly moment together beforehand. Why even have this astronomical coincidence in the movie if we don’t get some emotional payoff from it?

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