We rank the 50 most memorable Star Wars deaths ever

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18. Jabba’s Band

When Did They Die: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Who Were They: A collection of talented musicians under the employ of one of the galaxy’s more notorious criminals

How Did They Die: Exploded with the rest of Jabba’s pleasure barge

In a kinder world, the Max Rebo Band would have released multiple albums after their hit single blew up the airwaves when it debuted in Jabba’s Palace.. The world simply wasn’t ready to look past their absurd alien exteriors to see the considerable quality that lied beneath.

Oh and also, they died when Jabba’s barge exploded.

That’s not made very clear, but we know that they were on board when it departed the palace and went out to the sarlacc pit. It didn’t look like anyone escaped after Luke, et al tore off in one of the escort skiff once they escaped and the dirty work of killing Jabba along with all his friends, slaves and associates had been complete. Even if they somehow did survive the explosion, they’d have to contend with the sarlacc below them and the endless desert wastes all around them.

And so the galaxy was deprived of one of the best three-piece, all-alien rock bands of a generation. A sad set of deaths.

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