We rank the 50 most memorable Star Wars deaths ever

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16. Dak

When Did They Die: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Who Were They: Member of Rogue Squadron stationed on Hoth to protect the Rebel base, Luke’s co-pilot

How Did They Die: Shot down then stomped on by an Imperial Walker

Rogue Squadron was a collection of the Alliance’s go-to pilots for just about any mission, be it in X-Wings, snowspeeders or virtually anything else. Dak’s membership in such an elite fighting force is evidence enough of his skills, even if we don’t necessarily get a chance to see it in the movie.

At this stage of the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance were still more insurrectionists than an outright fighting force. On a level playing field, the Empire was always going to win. They simply had the greater weapons, and had them in greater quantities. Consequently, the war right up through the Battle of Endor was essentially asymmetrical – the Rebels attacked in relatively small numbers, but they chose their targets for maximum impact. No amount of the Rebel’s cunning or individual skill was going to be able to best a fleet of star destroyers, though, nor an army of AT-ATs.

Which is what made the Battle of Hoth such a massacre. The Rebels were caught mostly unprepared and, what’s more, were facing off with the elite of the Empire. Han, Leia, Luke and, yes, Dak were never going to fare well in those circumstances. Dak died an ignoble death – shot down and then literally trampled by the Empire’s war machine – because that was not the kind of war he, or anyone else in the Alliance, knew how to fight.

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