We rank the 50 most memorable Star Wars deaths ever

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13. AT-ST

When Did They Die: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Who Were They: An Imperial walking scout vehicle patrolling the forests surrounding the shield generator on Endor along with a battalion of stormtroopers

How Did They Die: Caught in an elaborate Ewok trap involving two suspended tree trunks crashing into it from either side

The AT-AT’s significantly more boring little brother, the AT-ST nevertheless reeked havoc against the tiny Ewok tribes during the Battle of Endor. With armor and blasters galore, the Empire’s chicken walkers were well equipped to deal with the Ewoks’ primary means of attack and defense: the stone sling and their naked bodies, respectively.

Like the Romans of yore, such advantages didn’t stop the Ewoks. A series of deadly traps were devised to cripple or otherwise mitigate the benefit the stormtrooper battalion had from the presence of the AT-STs. To just about everyone’s surprise, including the Ewoks, the traps worked.

Once such trap involved the suspension of two gigantic logs from the trees, positioned in such a way to come down together on a target between them. How the Ewoks managed to get those tree trunks suspended in the trees is anyone guess, but there’s no debating the coolness factor when it all came together.

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