We rank the 50 most memorable Star Wars deaths ever

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6. Yoda

When Did They Die: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Who Were They: Among the greatest and most powerful Jedis to have ever lived; former Grand Master of the Jedi Order

How Did They Die: Gave himself over to the Force

There are those out there that will claim that Yoda died from old age. Sure, by some accounts, he was over 900 years old. That’s a ripe old age for anyone, of any species, to finally pass on.

There was something more intentional, more awesome about Yoda’s death. Sensing the struggles that Luke and everyone else in the galaxy would soon be having, the former leader of the Galactic Republic’s Jedi Council voluntarily gave himself over to the Force.

He knew, you see, that his influence was at the time only really limited to the swamps of Dagobah. By converting into pure Force energy, he could aid and advise Luke when needed, thereby helping to restore order to the Force and the galaxy itself.

Yoda’s death is among the more simple and more significant in the entire original trilogy. He joined Obi-wan and Qui-Gon in the ghostly Jedi afterlife and managed in so doing to indirectly take the fight back to the Emperor who betrayed him all those years ago.

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