We rank the 50 most memorable Star Wars deaths ever

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45. Separatist Council

When Did They Die: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Who Were They: A loose confederation of interest aligned by Darth Sidious (i.e. Palpatine) in their shared dislike of the Galactic Republic/pursuit of profit

How Did They Die: Executed in secret by Darth Vader

These dudes are genuinely scum, right? They invaded the peace-loving Naboo. They tried to kill the Jedi on Geonosis. Hell, they even designed the first Death Star. We’ll take nothing but pleasure in seeing these guys do one, right?

Not so much, apparently. Darth Vader, fresh off of killing the Jedi younglings, travels to Mustafar and, on Palpatine’s orders, kills each and every member of the council gathered there. It is a surprisingly somber affair.

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In their deaths, we realize that these hapless idiots were all just pawns in Palpatine’s plot to divide the Republic and take it over wholesale. They might have been greedy or spiteful or compelled by some base desires for power and influence, but they were nowhere near as evil as those orchestrating the entire war. They didn’t, as it turns out, deserve to die. Who ever said the prequels were lacking in complexity?

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