Lupita Nyong’o Outfits on Sale Today via the Vestiaire Collective


Lupita Nyong’o joins with other UK stars, donating some of her favorite outfits to the Vestiaire Collective to raise money for women in war-torn countries.

Lupita Nyong’o is known for her feminist activism, making a splash last year when she spoke out on African American beauty standards for women during her run up to the Oscars. Now she’s going a step further for charity and donating the literal clothes off her back.

According to Vogue, Nyong’o has joined with fellow stars Keira Knightly and Emma Watson, along with many others to donate gently used parts of their wardrobes to The Vestiaire Collective, a luxury resale outlet. The Vestiaire Collective has in turn, partnered with Women for Women International and their brand new Wardrobes For Women initiative. All proceeds from the sales will go towards charities who support women in war-torn countries in rebuilding their lives and training them in new skills for the job market.

As Knightly points out, many of these are outfits that would otherwise sit dormant in their closets, so it is a no brainer really. Nyong’o is quoted as saying: “If my access to beautiful goods can directly improve lives and support women in war torn countries, I’m in. Wardrobes for Women is an initiative helping to draw women of very different backgrounds and circumstances closer together, and in this connection lies the power for change.”

The campaign begins today, and runs through December 14th. Check out all the pieces Lupita has donated to the cause at the Vestiaire Collective’s website.

Nyong’o also was recently photographed for Time Magazine, where she spoke a bot about her character in Star Wars, Maz Katana, who has lived for over a thousand years.

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(Top Image via Time)