50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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39. Cantinas vs Holodeck

Ahhh, the Cantina. A place where a being can walk in and get a tasty libation to wet his or her…or its whistle. There’s entertainment in the form of some fantastic music, and beautiful girl aliens dancing. The Cantina is a de-facto gathering place for farm boys and scoundrels alike…they just don’t typically like selling to droids. The Holodeck, on the other hand, can be programed for literally anything its user wants. You want to visit a 1920’s speakeasy? The Holodeck can do that. You want to run some team-building exercises with your crew, and being pirates on the high-seas is your fancy? The Holodeck has you covered. But which would you rather visit?


  • Saloon/Bar where typically a hive of scum and villainy tend to congregate.
  • Live music from actual living creatures.
  • Alcoholic drinks…or whatever the Star Wars equivalent of cranberry juice is, just in case you’re the designated starship driver.
  • Meet and hire pilots to smuggle you off your miserable desert planet.
  • The hotspot for Death Stick dealers.


  • Computer generated and controlled.
  • Can create anyone and anything the user’s heart desires.
  • The go-to place for recreation on those long voyages…you know, because Star Trek ships don’t have Hyperspace travel.

Winner: Cantinas, of course. While this one may not have been a landslide victory, the one major difference between the two, is that at a Cantina, you can meet and interact with actual living people and other beings. On the Holodeck, you might travel back to the 1920’s and meet some of that era’s most notable people…but in the end, they are just computer generated pixels made to look extremely realistic. Plus, by using the Holodeck, you run the risk of it becoming sentient and killing everyone inside…so there’s that.

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