50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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38. Darth Vader vs Khan

One man is a genetically engineered super-human, and the other is the Chosen One. When looking for Darth Vader’s equal in the Star Trek universe, the only real comparison is Khan. Both men have loved and lost, both are incredibly powerful, and both have their fair share of genetic augmentation, or cybernetic enhancement and augmentation.

Darth Vader:

  • Formerly Anakin Skywalker/The Chosen One
  • Once married to Padme Amidala, now widowed.
  • Father to twins Luke and Leia
  • Lord of the Sith
  • Once incredibly powerful in the Light Side of the Force, now incredibly powerful in the Dark Side.
  • Expert pilot
  • Rules the 501st legion (Vader’s Fist)
  • Wields a lightsaber and uses the Force
  • Strikes fear in the hearts of anyone who would dare cross his path.

Khan Noonien Singh:

  • Known simply as Khan
  • Once married to Marla McGivers, now widowed.
  • Leader of the Human Augments
  • Genetically created to be super-human
  • Weapon of Choice — boolean gun, a directed energy weapon.
  • Sought revenge against Kirk (his arch-nemesis), which set into motion events that eventually lead to the death of Spock.

Winner: Vader…by a few parsecs. While both men made excellent and forever memorable villains, it is Darth Vader who is the most powerful of the two. Vader’s past is what makes him such an interesting and tragic character. He loved Padme so much, that his senses were clouded, which allowed Palpatine to turn him to the Dark Side. But, in the end, his love of his son, Luke, caused him to be redeemed by the Light, and he was allowed to become one with the Force.

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