50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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36. The Old Republic vs Actual Human History

Star Wars history is vast and diverse, because it traverses entire galaxies. Star Trek history is…well, our history. Because Trek is based in the future of humanity, its history is what we have all learned throughout our years of schooling. Star Wars, on the other hand, has so many stories involving massive armies of Jedi vs massive armies of Sith, that it’s just too damned interesting not to want to know about.

Now, many Star Wars fans will be quick to point out that The Old Republic (Star Wars version of history) is no longer considered canon, and that it has been relegated to the “Legends” category. That’s okay, because it still exists. Where do you think the Jedi and the Sith come from? Have you ever wondered where the first Force users originated? Did you know that Boba Fett, while considered a Mandalorian, actually comes from a long a storied history of people from a planet that once tried to dominate the galaxy, and that they almost succeeded?

There are literally thousands upon thousands of stories to be learned from, in the history of Star Wars. The Old Republic is so incredibly popular, in fact, that a wildly successful and popular series of console and computer games was created from just one of its stories, the story of Revan. And, there is currently a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game called Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is set thousands and thousands of years before the events of the prequels.

Winner: Star Wars History. Why? Because while I personally enjoy humanity’s history, it’s just too fun and interesting to learn about the history of Star Wars.

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