50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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33. Mandalorians vs The Borg

If the Borg Cube struck fear into the heart of anyone it came across, then the actual Borg themselves, are just as terrifying. But, there is a group in the Star Wars universe that can and would hold their own against the Borg, and that’s the Mandalorians. An entire army was created from the genetic strand of Jango Fett, who was a Mandalorian, and his son, Boba, is possibly the most famous bounty hunter in the Star Wars cinematic universe.


  • Home Planet — Mandalore. However, it is also a varied list of worlds. The Mandalorians were famous nomadic warriors.
  • Founder — Mandalore the First
  • Society — Clan system
  • Race — Varied. Mandalorians consisted of many races, as long as one could prove his or her worth to the clan, and passed the trials, they could be Mandalorian.
  • Philosophy — The strongest survive. Once one leader was defeated, the one who defeated him or her, would pick up the symbol of leadership and be crowned the new Mandalore. This was usually signified by a mask.


  • Home — Delta Quadrant
  • Society — Assimilated Drones using a hive mind
  • Each Drone (even infants that were taken) were enhanced with cybernetics.
  • Race — Varied
  • Philosophy — Assimilation. Peoples and beings of every planet and walk of life were taken and assimilated by the Borg.

Winner: Mandalorians…but once again, it’s a close decision. While the Borg are probably the coolest alien race in all of Star Trek, the Mandalorians hold one major edge…individualism. Mandalorians are famous for the vast variety of clan symbols, and differently painted armor, that often consisted of scraps and odd and ends of different pieces of armor. Plus, the Mandos usually wore a type of jetpack…how cool is that?