50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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32. Wookies vs Klingons

The fiercely loyal and savagely strong Wookie is a site to behold. Usually standing at over eight feet and covered in fur, Wookies made their impression on the Star Wars cinematic universe with perhaps their most famous member, Chewbacca. During the prequel trilogy, during Star Wars Episode III: Attack of the Clones, the Wookies were shown as an army, as they fought alongside the Jedi to defend their homeworld of Kashyyyk from the Trade Federation.

The word Wookie, when translated, means People of the Trees, and the giant trees of Kashyyyk represent that name to the fullest. Wookies live long lives, most on average, up to 400 years. After the Great Jedi Purge, the Wookies’ primitive technology was no match for the Empire, and they were enslaved by Palpatine and his new regime. Thankfully, Chewbacca convinced his partner Han Solo, to rally a group of smugglers and bounty hunters, and along with the Rebel Alliance, were able to free the Wookies from slavery.

As to the Klingons, they are a fierce race of warriors, not that different from the Wookies. Although not attuned to nature like the Wookies, the Klingons derive their warmongering ways from a different source: Honor and Combat. From their homeworld of Kronos, the Klingon Empire spread its might throughout the galaxy, through their brutality and fearsome ways. Not all Klingons were antagonists, as Worf, who served aboard the Enterprise, brought much honor to his people.

Winner: Wookies, because they don’t need weapons to rip someone’s arm off. Whether he’s protecting Han’s back, or he’s carrying around C-3PO in a bag on his back, Chewbacca exhibits the loyalty and dedication to one’s loved ones, that the Wookies are known for. Plus, Chewie has that bowcaster, which would put Worf on his ass.

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