50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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49. Twi’lek females vs Orion females

The first time Star Wars fans laid eyes on a Twi’lek female, was in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. A green skinned Twi’lek female dancer by the name of Oola, was chained to Jabba the Hutt and then dropped into his Rancor pit to be horribly devoured. As for Star Trek‘s first encounter of beautiful green skinned alien females…well, they were supposed slaves who tricked men by using their pheromones to enslave them to their will.


  • Home Planet — Ryloth
  • Distinctive Features — Long tails protruding from the back of their heads called Lekku.

While indeed the first Twi’leks in the Star Wars franchise were the dancer Oola, and Jabba’s personal attendant Bib Fortuna, there are several instances where the Twi’lek race has risen above being slaves to a criminal organization, and risen to be heroes in the Rebel Alliance. Recently — on the animated Star Wars canonical series Star Wars Rebels — a green skinned Twi’lek female by the name of Hera Syndulla is the captain of a ship named the Ghost, and most recently was promoted to leader of the elite Rebel starfighters — Phoenix Squadron.

Orion Females:

  • Home Planet — Orion
  • Distinctive Features — Green skin
  • Females of the species sold as slaves.

Orion females are described as animalistic in nature, and are known for their extreme carnal appetites, as well as their innate skill of seduction. It is said that a Human male can rarely resist the seductive dance of one Orion slave girl. Many of the enslaved females are bought for the purpose to do their master’s bidding, by seducing his or her enemies.

Winner: The Twi’lek female. While each species’ female has been known to be sold into slavery, it would seem that the Twi’lek has risen above the stigma of being a slave, and has become a hero in the war against Emperor Palpatine and his Galactic Empire. And, while there was an Orion female shown to be a Federation Cadet, in the newest installment of Star Trek films (by J.J. Abrams), they still have done nothing of import, especially when compared to the heroic Twi’lek.

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