50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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31. Jedi vs Vulcans

There is no better comparison to the Jedi of Star Wars, than the Vulcans of Star Trek. Through the philosophy of peace and higher learning, and valuing logic over chaos, the two really do match up quite well.


  • Home Planet — Tython
  • Religious Philosophy — The Light Side of the Force
  • Role in the Galaxy — Peacekeepers
  • Weapon of Choice — Lightsaber


  • Home Planet — Vulcan
  • Philosophy — Logic before Emotion
  • Role in the Galaxy — Founding member of the Federation

Winner: Jedi, because the Vulcan are boring. While the two are quite comparable, the Jedi hold the edge because they are willing to use violence as a means to an end. Many Vulcans have forsaken violence altogether, preferring to use their highly valued logic in order to resolve confrontation. Plus, the Jedi use the Force and carry lightsabers…so there’s that.

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