50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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30. The Jedi Temple vs Starfleet Academy

The Jedi Temple on Coruscant was once a shining beacon of knowledge, as well as a bastion of hope for the oppressed. The Jedi Order, acting as peacekeepers throughout the galaxy, operated its entire network through the Jedi Temple. Within its walls, were held the secrets of the Jedi. Meditation rooms, training facilities, housing, and a vast library consisting of all the collected knowledge of the Jedi for hundreds of thousands of years. Younglings were trained, Padawans learned, and apprentices tested to become Jedi Knights, all within the temple. The Jedi Temple was also where the Jedi Council convened.

Starfleet Academy was a building complex that housed the training department within Starfleet. The academy’s main purpose was for the education and training of in cadets for service in Starfleet. The movement of personnel in and out of this service was governed by the Starfleet Transfer Regulations, and enforced by the chief administrator of the Academy, the Superintendent. Located on Earth in the city of San Francisco, the Starfleet Academy hosted any and all races and species who wished to serve in Starfleet Command.

Winner: The Jedi Temple, because Starfleet Academy is basically high school for astronauts. Seriously, I get that the academy has its merits, but let’s not pretend that anything as cool as learning to use the Force, is going on there. Plus, I’m pretty sure that any Jedi worth his or her salt could ace the The Kobayashi Maru with both eyes closed.

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