50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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28. Cathar vs Caitians

If you’ve never heard of either the Cathar or Caitians, then don’t worry, many fans don’t know what or who they are. Races like the Cathar in Star Wars and the Caitians in Star Trek, are really only known to the most diehard of fans.

Hailing from the planet Cathar, the Cathar species are a feline-like alien who were conquered by the Mandalorians. They were widely known for the loyalty, passion, and temper that marked their species. Described as quick and powerful, Cathar were considered great warriors. Cathar were also known to have high moral values, learned through their close-knit familial society. The Cathar females were highly sought after and prized as slaves, however, the males of the species were generally regarded as too uncontrollable and wild for slavery. Many Cathar have also been proven to be Force sensitive, and went on to be great Jedi.

The Caitians were also feline in appearance. Their description included long manes and a tail. Most Caitians were covered with fur which varied in color. However, other Caitians were without fur or prefered to be trimmed down completely. Female Caitian voices can be described as having a soft, cat-like purring quality.

Winner: Close call, but the Cathar of Star Wars. Trek‘s Caitians seem like tamed house cats compared to the wild-natured Cathar. And, even though the homeworld of the Cathar consisted of mainly a savanna-like terra, they were known to be quite civilized and even Force sensitive. I wonder if they used the Force to chase yarn?

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