50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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27. Stormtroopers vs Red Shirts

Is there a more played out trope than Red Shirts Always die? No, I guess not. But, the Stormtrooper is basically the equivalent of the Red Shirt, with the possibility of living a tad bit longer than their Star Trek cousins. The stormtrooper of today is a far cry from the Clone Troopers of the Clone Wars. Barely able to hit a target, generic in everything including their voice, the original trilogy stormtrooper is the epitome of bumbling idiocy. Let’s see how the two match up.


  • Armor — White
  • Weapon — Blaster rifle
  • Best known for being killed and eaten by Ewoks, and losing the war against the rebellion because they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

Red Shirts:

  • Uniform — Red Shirts
  • Weapon — Phaser pistols
  • Best known for dying first

Winner: And the title of most hilariously awful cannon fodder goes to the Stormtrooper. Look Trekkies, I get that you might consider this a win, but just think, at least some stormtroopers survive, while the Red Shirts are always first to take a photon torpedo to the face.

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