50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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26. Home One vs Romulan Warbird 

If the Super Star Destroyer was an example of the might and engineering prowess of the Empire, then Home One was the shining beacon of the Rebel Alliance. Home One was the largest of the Republic fleet, and was the flagship of Admiral Ackbar, which was the command ship for the Battle above Endor. At 1,300 meters in length, Hom One boasted four M8.0 Stardrive engines, and six M4.5 Stardrive maneuvering engines. Home One was not only fast and powerful, but she could turn on a dime. As far as armaments go, Home One could not be matched. With 36 XV9 turbo laser cannons, 36 SW-7 ion cannon batteries, and 6 Q7 tractor beam projectors, Home One could handle herself in a fight.

The Romulan Warbird was the largest and most powerful class of ships in the Romulan fleet. She boasted 45 decks with up Warp 9 and above capabilities. With a myriad of disruptor arrays, phasers, photon torpedo launchers and a primary disruptor array, the Warbird was a ship to be feared by the enemies of the Romulan people.

Winner: Home One. While the Warbird definitely is a thing of dangerous beauty, Home One simply dwarfs the Romulan craft, and, could more than likely out maneuver it. Plus, Admiral Ackbar is the commander of Home One, so you know he’s not going to lead you into any traps.

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