50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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25. Droids vs Androids

In Star Wars, no two droids are alike. Sure, they may have similar model numbers and names, but each droid — big or small — develops its own personality. From R2-D2 to C-3PO, from the amusing Gonk droid to the little mouse droids seen on Imperial ships, all the way to BB-8 from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there are so many different droids with different personalities, that it really is hard to compare…but we’ll try.

Star Trek‘s androids are vastly different that their fellows in a galaxy far, far away. As Trek is mostly based in science, the androids of that genre fit that mold. From the plastic, faceless things, to Data on the Enterprise, Trek’s androids do not really inspire much love or adoration from fans.

Winner: Star Wars droids…in a landslide. Seriously, when I feel worse for the death of an astromech in battle, than I do for it’s humanoid pilot, then you know Star Wars is doing it right. Now if I can just learn to speak binary…

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