50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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20. The Hutts vs The Dominion

Few organizations in the Star Wars universe have managed to operate a criminal enterprise with such brutal efficiency than the Hutt Cartel. In that regard, they have no equal, so I had to really do some digging to find a group in Star Trek that might give the Hutts a run for their money: The Dominion.

Where Jabba and his fellow Hutts prefer to use mercenaries to carry out their bidding, the Dominion used its own changelings to carry out the will of its leader the Vorta. When Jabba wanted entertainment he would drop his slaves and those that wronged him into a Rancor pit where they would be horribly mauled and devoured. The Dominion wanted no sport, they just wanted to bring all other civilizations under its control. While Jabba was certainly the foremost Hutt, there was a cartel in place and was run like a crime family; a well oiled machine. The Dominion answered to the Founders, a group of changelings that ensured their master’s wishes were being enforced.

Winner: The Hutts, because anyone who can keep a Rancor as a pet, and avoid being prosecuted by the Jedi order for slavery and war crimes, deserves some respect. The Dominion may have been a vast and ancient state, but they didn’t have a tenth of the power the Hutts had. Jabba’s mercs chased Han Solo across the galaxy just to bring him in and collect the bounty, and they did so without drawing too much attention from Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, who would have crushed the crime syndicate like tiny annoying slugs.

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