50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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18. Leia vs Janeway

Few women in the Star Wars cinematic universe command as much respect as the now General Leia. If she were to have a counterpart in the Star Trek universe, it would have to be Captain Janeway.


  • Fanned the flames of rebellion as a politician and ambassador from Alderaan
  • Became an officer and leader in the rebellion against the Empire
  • Rescued Han Solo, first dressed as a bounty hunter, then killed Jabba the Hutt while in a golden metal bikini.
  • Force Sensitive (Although in the new canon, we don’t know how much)
  • Now General Leia of the Resistance, she leads the fight against the First Order in The Force Awakens.


  • Captain of the USS Voyager
  • Later promoted to Vice Admiral and served at Starfleet Command

Winner: Leia. While both women are fine examples of strong and accomplished females thriving in a man’s world, Leia has accomplished more, and continues to do so. As General Leia, she will shape the next trilogy in Star Wars, and can be considered a trailblazer for the younger female characters to come.

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