50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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16. TIE Fighter vs Attack Fighter

The symbol of the Empire: The TIE Fighter. With its incredible maneuverability and weapons array, the TIE was made for quick and focused strikes. Few starfighters in any science fiction/fantasy franchise can match the speed and utility of the TIE. Trek has a version of an attack fighter, but it doesn’t seem up to the task of standing against a TIE Fighter. Let’s break it down.

TIE Fighter:

  • Max Speed — 1,200 km/h
  • Engines — Twin ion engines/twin ion maneuvering jets
  • Armaments — Two laser cannons

Federation Attack Fighters:

  • Max Speed — Unknown
  • Engines — Unknown/Varied
  • Armaments — Three Torpedo Launchers, and Two Phaser Emitters

Winner: TIE Fighter. Allow me to explain. While on the surface there doesn’t seem much difference between the two besides the shape, the TIE holds the edge in maneuverability. The Federation Attack Fighters are more heavily armed, but are built to escort or assault in waves, while a single TIE Fighter can engage an enemy then disengage when necessary. Coming from above, below, or the sides, the TIE would carve the Federation Attackers into ribbons before they knew what hit them.

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