50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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12. Lobot vs Seven of Nine

The closest the Star Wars universe has ever come to the Borg of Star Trek, is Lobot. The Borg collective is attuned to each other through a network of the Hive Mind, and Lobot experiences the same thing, only with an entire city. When he was younger, Lobot was convicted of a crime on the floating gas city of Bespin. Having compassion, the Administrator at the time, commuted Lobot’s sentence to serving the city…with one caveat, he had to be cybernetically enhanced to be plugged into the city’s computer at all times.

Seven of Nine is a human female, who was assimilated by the Borg at the tender age of six. In trade for safe passage through Borg space, the crew of the USS Voyager promised to help the Borg create a weapon to destroy their common enemy. During the battle, Seven of Nine’s Borg Cube was destroyed, and she was severed from her collective. In an effort to save her, the Voyager’s doctor removed most of her cybernetic enhancements, bit some of them could not be removed, as they were keeping her alive. Seven of Nine worked with the crew as an enhanced human.

Winner: Lobot. While Seven of Nine is one of the cooler Star Trek characters, she is no longer plugged into the collective, whereas Lobot is connected to the city of Bespin. By merely thinking, Lobot can control all aspects needed to keep the city in top form. Lando Calrissian said it best: “You think Lobot’s mute, but he’s just too busy talking to the central computer to bother speaking to us organics.

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