50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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5.  Dejarik vs Raumschach

Both Star Wars and Star Trek have their own versions of Chess. Star Wars has a three-dimensional version where creatures actually kill each other, and Star Trek has an elaborate three-tiered version.

Star Wars Dejarik:

  • Originated as a Jedi game
  • Played on a hologame table on top of a hologram generator within a cylindrical base.
  • Black and white checkerboard pattern on the top surface, just like normal Chess.
  • Three-dimensional hologram playing pieces were projected onto the board. Each piece resembled creatures both real and mythic, from throughout the Star Wars galaxy.
  • The Millennium Falcon had a dejarik table in its lounge.

Star Trek Raumschach:

  • Tri-Dimensional
  • Thought of as a cube, sliced into five equal spaces, across each of its three major areas.
  • For Trek the design kept the 64 squares of a traditional chessboard, but distributed them onto separate platforms in a rising of levels.

Winner: Dejarik. Hey, it’s 3D and it uses creatures from the Star Wars galaxy. How could you not love it? Just don’t play Chewie, because he might rips your arms out. “He made a fair move. Screaming about it won’t help.

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