50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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46. The Empire vs The Federation

In Star Wars, the Galactic Empire consists of planets who once belonged to the Grand Republic. Once Chancellor Palpatine — working from behind the scenes as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious — took control of the senate, he maneuvered himself into position to destroy the Jedi and take full control as an Emperor. In Star Trek, the Federation of Planets is an Interstellar Federal Polity with more than 150 member planets. There is no one ruler, as it is a Constitutional Republic.

The Empire:

  • Home Planet — Coruscant
  • Ruler — Emperor
  • Military Might — The Imperial Army
  • Religious Influence — The Dark Side of the Force

The Federation:

  • Home Planet — Earth
  • Ruling body — Federation Council/Legislature
  • Military Might — Starfleet
  • Religious Influence — None

Winner: The Empire. Why? Well, because when your leader controls a vast force consisting of millions of Stormtroopers, ground and naval fleets (both space and aquatic), and a world-killing space station named the Death Star, then there really is no comparison. In fact, if the Empire were to catch wind of a Federation of Planets, it would move its Death Star to the orbit above Earth and with the press of a button and pull of a lever, earth would be a collection of tiny space rocks that Palpatine may decide to put on display on his desk as a paper weight.

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