50 Reasons why Star Wars is Better than Star Trek

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43. Hyperspace travel vs Warp drive

While they may look the same, Hyperspace travel and Warp jumps are completely different. They may some similarities, but trust me, there is one major difference, let’s get into it.

Hyperspace Travel:

  • Type of Travel — Alternate state of existence…yep.
  • Type of Engine Used — Hyperdrive that can enter an alternate dimension of  spacetime, by achieving faster-than-light speeds.
  • Benefits — Ships using Hyperdrive can travel light years in mere minutes.

Warp Speed:

  • Type of Travel — Faster-than-light speeds using warp fields and subspace bubbles…yep
  • Type of Engine — Warp Drive
  • Benefits — Travel faster around certain quadrants of the galaxy.

Winner: Hyperspace Travel. Why? Because it’s much, much faster than Warp Speed. While both techniques travel a speeds faster than light, Hyperspace travel jumps the ship into a completely different dimension of time and space, thus allowing further distances to be traveled in mere minutes or days, depending on the distance.

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