Star Wars: Uprising Update adds the Force and Lightsabers


Star Wars: Uprising allows players to quest for a lightsaber and the use of the Force, in an all new update out today!

The developer of the wildly popular mobile app game Star Wars: Uprising — Kabam — has announced an all new update today that will allow players to gain access to a lightsaber and the Force. Here’s the official press release from Kabam:

"Star War: Uprising players have journeyed through an epic storyline across iconic locations including the planets Hoth and Cloud City, and unlocked new character classes, like Bounty Hunter and Diplomats. Now, players will embark on a quest to unlock the power of the Force, to be among the few elite to earn the galaxy’s ultimate weapon, the Lightsaber."

According to the presser, new allies will appear in the Anoat Sector:

  • A mysterious advisor
  • A witch from far away
  • A junk dealer who seems to be more than he appears to be…sounds like a hidden Jedi to me.

Players will quest to find the lightsaber in this update, and with the guidance of these new characters, will learn to use the Force. If you’ve not had a chance to play Star Wars: Uprising, the story takes place between Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Emperor Palpatine is dead but certain remnants of his Empire still try to rule their sectors through fear. Players band together with a variety of characters like, smugglers, freedom fighters, bounty hunters and gangsters to rise up against the shattered Empire, as it desperately tries to maintain control of the galaxy. Star Wars: Uprising allows players to  create their own version of a Star Wars hero by:

  • Creating unique characters
  • Going on missions
  • Developing skills
  • Building up their gear
  • Recruiting crew-members for sector battles

Star Wars: Uprising is a fun and exciting game, and surprisingly in-depth for a mobile app game. With this new update allowing players to quest for a lightsaber and the knowledge to use the Force, Star Wars: Uprising will appeal to many more Star Wars fans who love to immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe by becoming a Jedi and using the Force.