We rank the 50 best Star Wars characters of all-time

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35. Prince Xizor

Major Appearances

  • Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire

Best Moment

Xizor’s best moment was when he decided to overthrow Vader. Most people up to this point wanted to overthrow Vader for the betterment of the galaxy — but not this Prince. He wanted the role Vader had all to himself, which was new motivation we hadn’t really heard before and instantly intrigued us. Just that idea itself showed how smart and daring Xizor was, and it helped us all fall little involve with how much a devil he was.

Worst Moment

A lot of what was wrong with Xizor wasn’t that he was a flawed character, it was that he was just doing what everyone else in the galaxy did expect at higher levels of treason. He didn’t betray the Empire for selfish reasons, rather he was looking our for himself in trying to get rid of Vader. But when you try to get rid of the baddest badass in the galaxy, you’d better have a more concrete plan than Xizor did as he’ll forever stand as a lesson to those trying to overthrow a Sith apprentice.


Movie viewers won’t know who Xizor is off the top of their heads, but he was an important part of what is now considered to be a Legend story. The Shadow of the Empire linked Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and Xizor’s role was probably that of many in the galaxy — to try and help the Empire and find a way to stay alive. His way was to kill Vader and take his place, which rich toff the bat sounds like wicked motivation to be as bad as possible.

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